Learn How to Diagnose the Needed Repairs in Your Mercedes

Even if there is a minor issue like oil pressure light flickering or engine knock, you need to seek the source and address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Low oil pressure signifies lack of it and know that it can lead to a major repair nightmare. All engines lose oil pressure as the normal wear increases. But low oil pressure indicates something is not right and needs immediate attention. It is then the right time to take Mercedes in Repair in Denver as soon as possible. This article enlists some low oil pressure symptoms and fixing an engine knock.

  • Begin with checking the pressure condition at the dipstick. Check if the oil is at proper level. If low, then the oil is leaking or burning. You can add oil to fix this, but unless the level is maintained, the issue may annoy you again.

  • If the oil is leaking, then you need to try new gaskets to fix the oil leak. If the oil is burning then the valve guides are worn too. You need to conduct a wet compression test to check if they are worn or not.
  • You can buy the Mercedes parts at low prices that will stop the oil from leaking. If the guides are worn then you can install new valve guide seals with no need of pulling the head. The best way is to pull the heads and line, knurl, replace or rearm the guides for oversized valve stems.
  • Have a look at the condition of the oil and ensure that it is the correct viscosity for the vehicle as well as the climate. Heavier viscosities may help in maintaining good pressure in hot weather conditions but thick for wintertime which will cause lubrication issues. Light viscosities may enhance cold weather starting and lubrication is too thin in summertime to retain good pressure.
  • If the oil level is valid, check the pressure sending unit. Unplug the unit and check the warning lamp. If it is on with the unit disconnected, then there is a short to ground in the circuit. If there is no change in the gauge reading, then there is an instrumentation issue.

  • If the pressure is low, inspect the filter. Probably the filter is plugged with gunk. Replace it and check for differences.
  • Then drop the oil pan and inspect the oil pump pickup screen. If the screen is clogged, this is an issue to be fixed. Inspect if the pickup tube is mounted and angled firmly and attached to the pump with no leaks and is not hindered in any way.

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