Second Hand Tyres Makes Wet Driving Conditions Dangerous     

The state of a car’s tyres are extremely important. They could actually mean the difference between life and death or even permanent disability.

Second hand tyres, also known as part worn tyres are already used tyres, resold after the first owner had stopped using them. These tyres are available for several reasons, one is that certain people don’t like to change just one tyre, say for example one of their tyres get’s damaged beyond repair, they just change all four. And then the old ones are sold.

The most popular reason for the availability of these tyres though are some very safety conscious drivers. Some drivers, majorly German drivers, where most of these tyres come from, stop using their tyres immediately it the tread depth reaches 3mm. Although as we all know, one can keep using them until 1.6mm. Then these 3 mm tyres are shipped all over the world to those who want to buy cheap tyres.

How Safe Are Part Worn Tyres

The first sets of tyres made were treadless, not until 1904, when Continental tyres rolled out the first ones.  These treads act as some sort of gutters, they help to create an avenue for the water to be displaced so that the tyres respond to drivers whether for steering or for braking.  So the deeper the groove of the tyres (that is up to a certain point) the better the car responses are.

Tyre groove depth start at 8mm, now let’s call this 100% , after driving a few years, the tyres eventually get to 3mm, and from there it deteriorates very quickly. According to the experts, 3mm tyres are 80% worn, and by the time it gets to 1.6mm, it’s unsafe for use and illegal in most countries.

Now here’s the comparison of tread depth and stopping distances

8mm Excellent

7mm very good

6mm 30% worn Good

5mm 45-50% worn, not so bad

4mm 65% worn, still manageable

3mm start thinking of replacing

2mm about 95% worn, dangerous

1.6mm stops using and get new tyres.

Basically the shallower your tread depths are, the longer your car takes to stop. Initially the distance might be infinitesimal, and controllable but as the wear increases, then it starts getting dangerous. Especially in wet weather conditions, either rain or snow. So you car braking distance and response time will increase. Your breaking distance could increase by up to 14 meters in wet conditions by the time you’re at 1.6mm, now that’s about the length of three cars.  So it is recommended by tyre experts that you change your tyres once the tread gets to 3mm.  Now the trouble with second hand tyres, though, is that at the 3mm point is where their life actually starts with you.

What To Do

Buy new tyres, spending a few extra bucks is worth your life, right? One of the tyres we recommend is Bridgestone tires. This company is in the fore front of tyre innovation and safety. You can also get these dubai tyres online, just visit our website and from the comfort of your home you’ll get tyres for your car.

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