The Steps Ace Auto Glass Takes When Completing A Sunroof Repair

When you are involved in an automobile accident, it is very common to have your sunroof glass shattered or even a piece of road rock hitting the glass. If your car’s sunroof has shattered or got a crack, Ace Auto Glass can help in replacing the sunroof.

One of the common misconceptions we have always come across is that all the auto glass are not treatable. In our article, we will discuss somehow and what we do to repair the auto glass. The good news is, our technicians perform all the auto glass replacement on any type of glass, be it windshield or side mirror in the industry. As a car owner, one should know-how is the glass replaced and repaired.

Down below are the steps which are followed by our Ace Auto Glass technicians when working on a sunroof repair.

Removing the Shattered Glass

The first step we take when it comes to repairing is to remove the sunroof and the remaining shattered glass which has stuck around the interior and corners of your vehicle. It is important that any remaining glass or shattered glass around the car sunroof is properly removed. Any piece of remaining glass can prevent the technicians to fit the new glass properly, and also pieces of glasses pose a safety hazard.

Removing the Seal Holding the Glass in Place

The next step taken by Ace Auto glass repair technicians while repairing the sunroof is to make sure that the adhesive seal which holds the roof in place is being removed. Removing the residue from the seal can be tricky and depending upon the seal exact material made out of, solvents can be used for dissolving the seal material. Items such as razor blades also can be used to gently cut the remaining residue out and by doing so, it helps in ensuring the glass to easily slide into its proper place. This also ensures the new seal can be placed without any residue remaining from the old one.

Installing a New Seal and Sunroof

The last and the final step in completing the sunroof involves installing new sunroof and a seal. We use certified OEM glass for the sunroof repair and it comes from your own car manufacturer. The glass then is carefully fitted into the roof to ensure it has properly placed without any damage and leak. It is followed by placing a seal, making sure your car interior is being protected from other elements.

If your side mirror or sunroof has been damaged, you can contact Ace Auto Glass technicians to help you with all of your repairing needs, including car window repair, side mirror replacement, windshield repair and sunroof repair.

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