Tips for Taking Care of Your Car’s Interior

There’s no doubting you should take great care of your vehicle’s exterior. Not only does regular washing help your car look its best, but it also helps to maintain your vehicle’s overall value. That said, you also need to focus on doing what you can to bring out the best in your car’s interior. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you work to maintain your wheels for the long haul.

Carpets and Floor Mats

The carpets and floor mats in your car can take a serious beating over time. When you’re ready to clean them, be sure to go through the front and back to pick up loose change, food wrappers, papers, and the like. Remove your floor mats and shake them out to dislodge dirt and dust. You may need a stiff brush to work some of the more stubborn bits free. Check labels on your floor mats to determine the best way to clean them, such as a garden hose spray-off.

Next, vacuum your carpets. Take care that you use vacuum attachments to really work your way into all the crevices and between your seats. If you want to go the extra mile, or if your carpets are extra grungy, you can rent a steam cleaner and use it on your vehicle’s carpets.

Leather and Fabric Upholstery

Vacuuming isn’t always 100% effective in getting rid of dirt and grime that’s worked its way into your car’s upholstery. You may be especially keen on learning about how to take proper care of upholstery if you’re thinking about upgrading to a more modern car. Look for upholstery cleaners designed specifically for cars. Such cleaners deep clean automotive upholstery without you having to worry about mold or mildew issues.

With leather upholstery, cleaning is a bit different, but it doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. The key to maintaining the leather interior of your vehicle is to take a proactive approach. Apply a special leather conditioner and cleaner to bring out its best while guarding against dirt and grime.

Mirrors and Windows

It’s especially vital that you keep your windows and mirrors as clean as possible, mainly because allowing dirt and watermarks to accumulate can reduce your visibility, which can easily lead to an avoidable car accident. Streak-free glass cleaners are best but think twice when cleaning tinted windows. Tinting applied to the inside of the window can be damaged by regular window cleaner, especially cleaner made with ammonia.

No matter what kind of window cleaner you use, be sure you apply it to the cloth rather than the glass, as doing so cuts down on streaking. Also, roll down your windows while cleaning so you get every inch of the surface.


It’s easy to see how much dust can gather on your car’s dashboard. Give it a good wipe down with a microfiber dust cloth, and follow that up with an application of protectant to guard against fading, cracking, and peeling, all of which can lower your vehicle’s overall value. Do the same to the steering wheel.

Speaking of the dashboard, look into buying a sunscreen you can put across the windshield. Not only does a sunscreen protect your dashboard and steering wheel from cracking and peeling under the sun’s UV rays, but it also helps to keep your car’s interior cooler during the warmer months of the year. That means you don’t have to worry as much about feeling like you’re driving in an oven or burning your hands on a scorching hot steering wheel.

You may be surprised to discover how much better your car feels when the interior is well-kept. Keep these tips in mind the next time you wash the outside of your car.

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